Limited reservations, disappointed subscribers… What’s the deal with annual passes?

They call themselves “the yellow ears”. Subscribers to the unlimited Disney pass for several years, these big fans of the universe are increasingly disappointed with the service left by the famous amusement park, located in Marne-la-Vallée (Seine-et-Marne). For good reason, their subscription – more and more authorized – is less and less available for reservation.

On Facebook, they even met in a private group where they exchange their disappointments, their remarks but also some advice. “Annual pass for fifteen years, disgusted with the evolution and decision-making at Disney. My attendance rate was at least once a week and there it literally dropped, ”regrets a fan. This Saturday, subscribers even decided to join in front of the park around a “calm and pacifist” demonstration to show their dissatisfaction. On the Disney side, questioned by 20 Minutes, the new reservation system remains completely justified.


He is one of the initiators of the march this Saturday. On his YouTube channel, Gérôme Henriey (alias Gérôme live) launched a survey on his social networks a few weeks ago: “Are you satisfied with the reservation program for your annual passports at Disneyland Paris? “. Near 20 Minutes, the videographer remembers his surprise at the very large number of reactions to this question. “We realized that there was a real problem”, underlines Gérôme Henriey who admits “to being aware that there are much more serious concerns in society”. “It’s just a problem of comfort, admits the latter. But that does not prevent: When we spend such a sum for an annual passport, we would like to be able to use it as we see fit”.

To better understand their anger, we must return to this little golden ticket for Disney fans, otherwise known as “the annual infinity pass”. For the tidy sum of 500 euros, he promises his subscribers “365 days of access to Disney parks”, tells us the site which also indicates: “Subject to availability and within the limit of three simultaneous visit reservations”. There are of course cheaper prices, such as the “Discovery pass” at 229 euros which reduces the number of days of access to 150 days per year.

Requests, but no offers

So what’s hot at Disney? Over the past few months, fans and subscribers of the various channels have noticed reservations that are less and less accessible… despite what they pay for what is called “unlimited” access. Like a strange remake of the SNCF TGV Max subscription, Disney in turn seems to have sniffed out the trick to make as much money as possible on the backs of subscribers.

For some historical fans, like Gérôme Henriey, this new reservation system aggravates an already present problem: that of the rise in prices at Disneyland Paris. “I have had an annual passport since 2004. At the time, I had bought my first pass for 89 euros and that allowed me to access the park 325 days a year. Over the years, the annual passport offers evolved until 2017, where they completely changed the offer. The price range has completely exploded”.

Additional quotas

For Gérôme, everything really changed with the arrival of Covid-19. In the summer of 2020, the post-health crisis reopening forced the park to review its entry conditions and set up a reservation system to access the parks… Which did not exist before. Surprise, it works well and the park decides to keep this operation. In the offices of Disneyland Paris, a spokesperson assures: “This helps us manage attendance in order to offer all our visitors a unique experience, including our annual pass holders. »

On the fan side, this reservation system is legitimate… But many do not understand how it works. How to explain that there are no more places available for Pass subscribers when tickets are still open at the box office on the same day? “We try to satisfy everyone”, answers Disney, who tries to reassure: “A waiting list system also allows them to register for a date that no longer offers availability, to be able to register automatically in case of possible withdrawals or new places available”.

A renewal of the pass? No thanks

Lack of availability which therefore obliges certain subscribers to pay more, as Jean-Claude, also a subscriber, tells us. “In this period of high attendance, Disney is blocking access to annual passes on the pretext that the park is full, but at the same time, it is always possible to buy full price tickets to access it. Moreover, they do not hesitate to advise us to buy tickets… Which means paying twice the entrance”.

For Gérôme as for others, if Disneyland Paris does not provide improvements to its reservations service, it may be time to give up a new unlimited subscription. “If tomorrow, they tell us: we stop the annual passports, we understand because today we are no longer reported as such”, regrets Gérôme, who asks the company to provide more details on its general conditions of sales.

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