Lepuix. Know everything about the rules of a pack of wolfdogs, before going on a cani-rando

At the foot of the Ballon d’Alsace, in the woods, the legend of the black wolf breeder welcomes 40 dogs of the Altdeutsche Schäferhund or long-haired German shepherd breed, as well as Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. Established for eleven years, Lætitia Briswalter and her husband Guillaume regularly open the doors of their breeding and offer cani-rando once a week throughout the summer.

40 dogs welcomed

“Like in a pack of wolves, there is an alpha couple who lead the others. Then there are the betas who are there to protect the pack and react to the orders of the alphas”, describes in the middle of her dogs, Lætitia Briswalter before continuing: “At the bottom of the scale, we find the omega who are . ..

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