Legislative 2022: the waltz of deputies on agricultural files and animal welfare

The second round of legislative elections 2022 is marked by the defeat of several deputies of the majority who distinguished themselves during the first five-year term on agricultural issues (John Baptist Moreau, Gregory Besson-Moreau, Jean-Bernard Sempastous, Loic Dombreval or Olivier Damaisin).

In the other parties, most of the “historical agricultural” deputies were reappointed. This is particularly the case of Julien Plongé (LR in Aisne with 58.12% of the vote), from Loic Prudhomme (Nupes in Gironde with 57.11%), or evenAndre Chassaigne (PCF in the Puy de Dôme with 69.43%), of Thierry Benoit (Revival in Ille-et-Vilaine with 61.69%), of Stephane Travert (Renaissance in La Manche with 56.13%) or even Guillaume Garrot (Nupes in Pays de la Loire with 63.23%) and Dominique Potter (various left in the Meurthe and Moselle with 63.12%).

Two RN winegrowers at the National Assembly

This election is also illustrated by the arrival of new faces in the National Assembly on agricultural issues. This is particularly the case for winegrowers Christopher Barthes (53.56%) and Gregory of Fournas (56.82%) elected respectively in theAude and the Gironde under the label national rally (RN) or the farm worker Mathilde Hignet who snatched his deputy seat with 50.36% of the votes in Ille et Vilaine for Nupes.

Also note in Correze the election of Francois Duboisagricultural technician in a cooperative group, elected with 53.80% of the votes under the LR label with Pascal Coste as alternate.

Aymeric Caron and Aurélie Trouvou elected in Ile-de-France

In Ile de France the Nudes also recorded the arrival at the National Assembly of two new profiles designated by agricultural issues: the journalist and animal activist Aymeric Caron (51.65% of the votes in Paris in the 18e constituency) and the economist of AgroParisTech and former spokesperson for Attac Aurelie Foundin Seine-Saint-Denis (69.24% of the votes in the 9e constituency).

“Great defenders of the animal cause” not re-elected

the animalist party did not succeed in having a candidate elected to the legislative elections but takes stock of the evolution of the sorting of deputies having in the past been the most illustrated in terms of animal protection. The CNRS researcher and activist for the animal cause Roman Espinosa analyzed the results of the 41 outgoing deputies best ranked by the animalist party. While 29 of them isolated themselves, 19 were re-elected, he calculates on twitter.

The great defenders of the animal cause in the Assembly are not re-elected. We think of the three rapporteurs of the law against animal abuse: Dimitri Houbron, Loic Dombreval, Laetitia Romeiro Dias (which is not created) “, He writes, the first two having been beaten by the National Rally (RN). Cedric Villani, who had tabled a bill taking up the measures of the referendum for animals, is also not re-elected. ” Other prominent animal figures quit the Assembly “, continues Romain Espinosa who quotes Matthew Orphan which is not done and joins the LPO (protective league of birds).

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