LE CREUSOT: Who knows about this particular species of spider?

And the answer is…

A faithful Internet user discovered this rather impressive spider, this Monday on the front door of my apartment in Le Creusot; she would like to learn about this type of spider from specialists and especially to know if it is dangerous or not.
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Many of you have written to us, and we have received responses from a 3rd year biology student and an arachnologist. Here is a summary:

It is a spider of the Lycosidae family, which includes wolf spiders and tarantulas. In our case, it is a wolf spider of the Lycosa-radiate species – Hogna struck off. The females are much larger than the males and have the particularity of carrying their offspring on their abdomen thanks to hair.
Despite its large size, Hogna struck off is not dangerous, she is very fearful and will prefer to flee. It is a spider that does not weave a web, it hunts on the lookout and pursues its prey. It only bites to eat prey of its size (crickets, locusts…) and to defend itself. She will therefore not bite the man, unless we take her with the whole hand by squeezing her. In this case, its bite is considered painful (the equivalent of a wasp sting), but not dangerous.

These spiders do not live in houses, this one had to seek a little humidity. To take it out, just place it in a jar, it will not be able to go up.

One last tip to finish: if you ever find a wolf spider with its young on its abdomen, avoid crushing it with a broom like in the video that often plays in bloopers, take the shovel and the broom and throw it away. spider outside.

A big thank you to all the Internet users who sent us an answer.

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