Lady Gaga instant revenge: one of the kidnappers of her dogs sentenced to 4 years in prison

Lady Gaga finally got justice, months after she was devastated by her dog sitter’s assault and the kidnapping of two of her dogs. Indeed, one of the defendants was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty in the case.

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga is crazy about dogs. In 2015, she even created a line of canine clothing in honor of her four-legged companion. An animal to which she feels particularly attached, and this to the point of buying several. This is why she was upset when individuals attacked her animals last year.

We are in February 2021 when Ryan Fischer, a man responsible for walking, feeding and keeping Lady Gaga’s animals company, is assaulted during a walk. The injured man was shot in the chest before his captors fled with two of the singer’s French bulldogs. If, at the outset, the state of health of Ryan Fischer was judged “concern”he finally got away with it despite a broken collarbone and a pierced lung.

The kidnappers arrested

In an interview with CBS morning last September, Ryan Fischer did not hide the fact that he was still traumatized by his attack. Luckily for him, his captors have since been arrested and charged with attempted murder and theft. However, the case took a new turn last April when one of the defendants was released by mistake by the American justice system. The latter has, for the time being, still not found.

For his part, Jaylin Keyshawn White, one of the other two attackers, pleaded guilty to theft, acknowledging in passing that he was among those who attacked Ryan Fischer. This Wednesday, August 3, the hearing took place to decide the fate of the defendants. Jaylin Keyshawn White, 20, was therefore sentenced to four years in prison according to Nice morning. A decision that must greatly relieve Lady Gaga!

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