Labrador Retriever Helps Blind Child Overcome Disability and Love Life

Guide dogs for the blind allow their masters to gain autonomy by assisting them during their outdoor outings. Merlot, the Labrador Retriever, not only helps this child with autism overcome obstacles, but also prepares for his future.

Destiny Fiaschetti had a busy career in the US military, but always knew she wanted to adopt a child with special needs one day. She now lives at Seffnerin the state of Florida to United Statesand devotes his life to Jenie whom she welcomed when he was 2 years old.

This 5-year-old autistic boy is blind. “He is completely blind and suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, a rare disease which led to his loss of vision and his panhypopituitarism, a disorder of the pituitary gland”clarified Fate a People.

This pathology causes adrenal insufficiency. In other words, Jenie does not produce the stress hormone that helps manage her emotions.

Despite all the wise advice of professionals, Jenie struggled to come out of his shell. But with Merlot by his side, everything changed.

A friend for life thanks to the Kids Compagnon operation

Fate entered into a relationship with the association Southeast Guide Dogs which offers free life companions to blind children as part of the program Children’s Companion.

“The little ones of Junie’s age gave a dog to take care of. They have to feed it, brush it, walk it… We teach them basic obedience techniques so they can work together and maintain an emotional bond. In this way, once adults, they will be prepared to live with a guide dog. The children gain enormously in explanation Katie Perez of the non-profit organization.

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Southeast Guide Dogs

Since Merlot and Jenie Differing their daily lives, the young boy has made considerable progress. “Before Merlot arrived, Jenie didn’t talk or walk. Now he’s really talkative and he loves making friends.”a declared Fate.

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Likewise, thanks to his faithful 4-legged companion, Jenie turned into a real little adventurer. During their free time, the duo indeed enjoys long walks in nature or even swimming sessions.

The young boy and the canine are now inseparable. Fate is thrilled to see her son flourishing like this thanks to his furry friend.


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