La Flèche zoo announces the death of its emblematic sea lion Lucky

Several thousand messages of condolence have already been posted by saddened visitors. The zoo of La Flèche, located in Sarthe, announced this Friday morning on its Facebook account the death of its emblematic sea lion Lucky. “Present at La Flèche zoo for more than 25 years, Lucky was preparing to celebrate its 27th birthday, a very fine age for a sea lion whose life expectancy is around 15 years in the wild”, specifies the park, “with many emotions and a heavy heart”.

The animal, suffering from paralysis of the rear axle for more than four years, also suffered from kidney failure. Recognizable thanks to his bump on his head, Lucky (nicknamed Zamour) still participated in some presentations and educational activities alongside Tanguy, Jimmy and Cooky, who do not seem to be affected by the absence of their boyfriend for the moment, wants reassure the management of the park.

A year ago, another famous resident of the zoo of La Flèche, which houses 1,500 animals on 14 hectares, disappeared. Jabu, a male white lion, died at the age of 15.

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