Killer whale in the Seine: the animal “had not fed for several weeks”

The killer whale was autopsied on Tuesday morning and, based on the first samples, their analysis, given its condition, suggests “the presence of a pre-existing pathology when entering the Seine”indicates the statement of the prefecture.

Euthanasia had been decided

Completed Tuesday early afternoon, “these samples were sent to several biological analysis laboratories (in Brittany, Montpellier, Belgium), which carry out analyzes which determine the causes of the death of the cetacean”according to the press release. “As soon as they are known, the conclusions of the autopsy operation and the results of the analysis will be made public by means of a press release and published on the website of the prefecture of Seine-Maritime as well as on its social networks, as has been done since the beginning of the event”continues the prefecture.

A group of experts responsible for monitoring the animal had been created, and it had decided on Sunday to euthanize it after the failure of operations to guide it towards the sea, in particular by means of underwater sound stimuli, reminders prefecture which details the course of the whole operation.

The orca was first spotted near the Pont de Normandie

“From the outset and on an ongoing basis, the discussions revealed that any invasive intervention (accompaniment of the animal by capture, net, towing or pushing the animal) was totally unthinkable and likely to create more damage to this killer whale. already weakened”, continues the prefecture, which refutes the accusations of “lack of responsiveness of the State” made in particular by an expert in the media. The orca, spotted for the first time on May 16, 2022 near the Pont de Normandie, between Honfleur and Le Havre, was found dead on Monday morning despite multiple efforts to try to help him.

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