Kheira Hamraoui case – PSG maintains its course of action – Canal Supporters PSG 24-7

While no significant progress had been made for many months, the affair around Kheira Hamraouitook a new turn since Friday. A situation which apparently does not disturb the PSG.

Last November, the women’s section of the PSG experienced a veritable earthquake following the violent attack on Kheira Hamraoui. Driving, Aminata Diallo is arrested by several men. Their target? Kheira Hamraoui on the passenger seat. The midfielder then receives several iron bar blows on the legs. First challenge, Aminata Diallo is quickly heard by the courts. She will eventually be released.

PSG wants to think about something else

Several months later, after other avenues have been explored, it turns out that the justice system has acquired new incriminating elements. Aminata Diallo. Indicted, the latter is again under the spotlight of justice. Side PSGthis news apparently did not change anything, informs us this day CMR.

In effect, Kheira Hamraoui is always excluded from the group of Gerard Precheurshe who is contractually bound to the PSG. A sidelining that the club justifies by purely sporting arguments, the former Barcelonan not entering into the plans of the Parisian management. CMR further explains that the PSG definitely wants to turn this page. Aminata Diallo has, moreover, not been extended by the club of the capital this summer. Today, the climate is much calmer at the club, unlike the previous year which was very exhausting mentally speaking.

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