Justice. The father of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer wants to file a lawsuit against Netflix

The father of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was planning to sue Netflix according to British tabloid The Sun.

Lionel Dahmer, 86, wants to file a complaint against the platform which broadcasts a series and a documentary on the story of his son without having requested it during the production. He also believes that the platform uses audio documents from his son’s lawyers, without his consent.

A recent media coverage

September, the story of Jeffrey Dah Sincemer caused a resurgence of interest due to the broadcast on Netflix of a series and a documentary, which looks back on the crimes committed by the serial killer, for which he was sentenced to life in 1992.

Faced with this success, some relatives and family members of the 17 victims of the serial killer had also taken the floor to be indignant at not having been informed of the production of the program by Netflix.

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