Julien Stéphan, furious with the referee after Toulouse – Strasbourg: “You have to have courage and (he) lacked it”

Strasbourg deserves more respect. ” Julien Stéphan was very upbeat on Sunday. His team could have scored the perfect shot. Led 2-0 on the lawn of Toulouse, the RCSA obtained the point of a draw (2-2), but at the end of the meeting, they almost gleaned the three points of the victory.We should have had a penalty in the 90th minute (89th, editor’s note) which we were denied. I do not know why. For lack of courage no doubt“, fulminates the former coach of Rennes.

The technician suspects the man at the whistle, Jérémy Stinat, of having taken into account the context more than the contact between Maxime Le Marchand and Anthony Rouault, who did not touch the ball, in his area. “When a penalty deserves to be whistled it must be whistled, it doesn’t matter that we are at the 90th minute and the opponent is at 10 (this was the case with Toulouse, Ed), considered Stéphan. You have to have courage and the referee in a failure.”

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When we’re too nice, too polite, we don’t say anything, this is what happens

“I went to see him after the match and he was not very well”, adds the 42-year-old coach, to corroborate his proposals. Asked by The Teamhe returns to another situation involving his training… and the same referee: “He had not asked the question in Montpellier, if in the 93rd, at 1-1, he had to whistle (penalty).” Strasbourg then lost 2-1, on the lawn of the MHSC, during the 8th day. A month later, Julien Stéphan believes that his players were deprived of an opportunity to achieve a founding success .

It is a decision that penalizes us enormously“, supports the coach of the 16th in Ligue 1 after 12 days, aware of exposing himself to sanctions: “Never mind. I will have protected the club, I will have protected my players. This is not the first time this has happened this season, we are tired of it repeating itself. We know that we are engaged in the race to maintain and I hope that we will not miss 2 or 3 points at the end of the season (…) We never said anything but there, enough is enough.” An assumed change of attitude: “When we’re too nice, too polite, we don’t say anything, this is what happens.”

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