Julien Courbet: he panics Internet users with this photo, “My Simone must have been sedated”!

Regardless of social status, available wealth or even origins, when you love animals, the dog is our best friend. And it is not Julien Courbet who says the opposite. Indeed, the animator particularly likes his dog Simone. But a few days ago, he shared a disturbing photo of the latter. We tell you everything here.

Julien Courbet a connected animator

Julien Courbet loves sharing the moments they spend with his dog. And, he is not satisfied with Instagram, in fact, we can find many shots of Simone on Twitter too. Moreover, it is she that we see almost the most on his profiles. Julien Courbet loves to post photos of his best friend at the beach, in the countryside, in town or even at home. But recently, the host posted a worrying photo of his Simone. Indeed, she would have some health concerns. what to do a big fright to the animator, but also to Internet users who have become attached to it.

Simone is not in great shape

Julien Courbet therefore decides to warn his community with whom he shares all the moments of Simone. He then posts a photo on Instagram and Twitter. A written description can be found there “My Simone had to be sedated a little for a check-up at the vet. She recovers, nothing serious, it’s stressful for us too ! I stay beside her today”. And if the presenter of Capital has decided to stay with Simone, it’s just so that the exam goes well. So there is nothing to worry about. A very reassuring news.

A wave of support for Simone

Femme Actuelle raised the level of support that Julien Courbet was able to receive after this post. Indeed, many Internet users were worried and wanted to give their support to the journalist, but especially to his dog. Thus, we can find many messages like “Little angel, fortunately, she is well framed by this darling »Oh poor little Simone »Courage little Simone! »Like you say, much more stress when it comes to them than when it comes to us. Good luck to you and Simone”.

Seeing all the concern that his post has generated, Julien Courbet wanted to reassure his fans. Indeed, he then decides to put another post where he explains a little better what the veterinarian said. “The vet (very, very nice by the way) told me ‘she would be in chaos tonight with her anesthesia’. He doesn’t know Simone. The stick no matter what !”.

The calm after the storm for Julien Courbet

It is therefore quite normal that Julien Courbet has already resumed his normal life with Simone. They can already go back for a walk, which the journalist does not forget to film and share. Simone was of great help in the life of the journalist who had lost his dog Vega last year. It is thus with and thanks to Simone that Julien Courbet found a smile.

But if Julien Courbet passes lots of time with Simone that does not prevent him from having lots of projects in September. As much for the TV as the radio according to the rumours. It is therefore his fans who will be delighted, moreover, he is one of the French favorite presenters.

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