jm | Walk with the dogs

During the demonstration organized by France services, for Pink October, in Faverney, on October 22, a special group took part in the march, as this group of friends often does, when it comes to supporting a useful cause. . Walking with dogs in Haute-Saône, has around 70 followers from Port-sur-Saône, Jussey, Combeaufontaine, who, as soon as they can, meet up with their pets, all canine breeds combined, for long walks in the forest, on the banks of the Saône, and even on the paths of the Vosges, Jura and Haut-Doubs. Corine Saint Hillier, administrator of this group, which she initially created in September 2016, with a few friends, with her Beauceron dog, Louka, explained to us: “We have for but the relationship between master and dogs, and the behavior of the animal, vis-à-vis other dogs and puppies, sociability, education and sharing, we avoid overly aggressive dogs”. During these walks, the dogs are free, while always staying close, the behavior of the animal depends a lot on its master. Corine clarified: “there are no bad dogs, there are only bad masters”. Facebook: Walking with dogs in Haute-Saône.

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