Jean-Pierre Lavater suffering from leukemia, initiator of a bone marrow bank

Since the end of 2019, Jean-Pierre Lavater, a former merchant, well known in the world of nightlife, car racing and handball, has been fighting blood cancer. To treat his acute myeloid leukemia, he had to have a bone marrow transplant but “it was not easy”, hence the idea of ​​​​creating a donor bank via an association.

Jean-Pierre Lavater has “several times comes close to death” as he says himself, because of a leukemia triggered at the end of 2019. “it was not easy”hence the idea of ​​setting up a bank of bone marrow donors.

Pierrot as his “true friends” (as he writes on social networks where he is very active), knows how precious a life is since he is fighting against this serious pathology.

There are various blood cancers including myeloma, lymphoma (tumors contained in the lymph nodes) and leukemia (abnormal proliferation of young or mature cells in the bone marrow). These are the most common according to medical professionals.

These diseases correspond to an abnormal development of cells in the blood or bone marrow. The treatment of these diseases is essentially based on fertilization, targeted therapies, transplantation of marrow or blood cells and sometimes radiotherapy.

Diagram of blood cell formation.

© (National Cancer Institute)

In the case of Jean-Pierre, a compatible donor was needed, as for many other affected patients. “It’s a real Way of the Cross, especially for patients in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana” explains Pierrot Lavater, car “donors are rare”. It is also one of his children who gave him a gift, thanks to a 50% compatibility.

These populations have tissue groups that are used for the gift of softness that are only found in the Antilles-Guyana. What we do not find among Caucasians in France for example. For acute leukemia, if the patient does not have a transplant, he will eventually die.

Dr. Philippe Renaudier, head of the hematology department at the Martinique University Hospital (France-Antilles from August 12, 2022).

In parallel with his fight against the disease and thanks to the “moral and financial support” of his son Jean-Charles, Pierrot Lavater has therefore decided to mobilize all his energy to create an association of presumed donors for the Antilles-Guyana.

We are proceeding with the final administrative formalities to finalize the creation of our association dedicated to the Antilles-Guyanese and Saint-Martin residents. This will welcome all voluntary bone marrow donors, but also people looking for a donation. The long-term objective is to quickly reach at least 1000 pledges via our bank, because there are already many expectations.

Jean-Pierre Lavater

According to the APHP (Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris), “Blood cancers or hematological malignancies affect around 35,000 people each year; they are elderly people in more than half of the cases, but also sometimes young adults and children”.

To contact this new association, dial 0696 459 643 (provisional number).

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