“It’s the lie of the organized” / Ligue 1 / J12 / Nice-Nantes (1-1) / October 23, 2022 / SOFOOT.com

Sunday coffee for Antoine Kombouaré.

If FC Nantes brought back a point from Nice (1-1), the Canaries have it badly. After seeing referee François Letexier deny them a penalty in the first half, when the ball had touched both hands of Mattia Viti, they conceded a penalty in added time, the leather having touched the mimin of Jean-Charles Castelletto on a muscular duel with Dante.

Which made a good number of Nantes players unpin – giving rise to an electric end to the match – but especially Kombouaré, as he notably summed up, in a very raw way, at the microphone of Prime Video after the meeting: “Either I have shit in my eyes or the referee is a liar, and I rather think he is a liar. When he does not whistle a penalty on the Nice hand in the area, the fourth referee tells me that the VAR is checking. The referee does not whistle, because he tells me that the ball hits the body and then the hand. I said “no problem”, but at halftime I saw the images again: it’s an organized lie. I hate this. Then what happens at the end of the match happens: you can whistle a foul on Castelletto, you can also say that Castelletto has nothing to do with it. Me, what I would have liked is for him to go and see the VAR, that’s what the VAR is for. He did it well for us in the first half. […] I hate that kind of attitude. There is more than a feeling of injustice, I have the feeling that we have been robbed. Beyond this whistled penalty, we took two red cards (Alban Lafont and Kader Bamba, expelled for protest), that’s what bothers me a lot. »

At the microphone of Canal + a little earlier, the Kanak had also joked: “Mr. Letexier, does he have a problem with us?” I just learned that he is from Rennes, it’s hilarious. » “If I really say what I think, I don’t play for a while” for his part swung Pedro Chirivella in the mixed zone, like the entire Nantes delegation which left the Côte d’Azur disappointed.

Organized lie, the new hit by François Letexier. It’s going to hit.


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