it’s tense behind the scenes with Pablo Longoria!

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Runner-up to Paris Saint-Germain in the standings with six wins, two draws and no defeats in eight matches, Olympique de Marseille have had one of the best starts to the season in their history. His hiccups in the Champions League are the only downsides to report, but not enough to set fire to the Marseille locker room.

The Team however, we learn that the atmosphere is far from cheerful behind the scenes. The daily reveals that a meeting was organized last Monday. A four-hour meeting to which a dozen service managers from the club were invited. On this occasion, Pablo Longoria passed on his messages. And for the president of OM, “If there have been bad results this week, it’s because there’s a bad atmosphere at the club. »

“The first day I arrived at the club, I saw Mandanda eating a hamburger”

Concretely, the Spaniard wants more discipline and more work at all levels. “The first day I arrived at the club, I saw Mandanda eating a hamburger”, he gave as an example of the lack of seriousness within the club. At OM, the tensions are therefore palpable between the thinking heads. And often, Longoria’s reproaches go wrong. The reason ? The Spaniard is said to be inconsistent in his words. “Longoria wants to reform an organization that he considers flawed, but that he himself put in place”, explained to the newspaper a high-ranking member. But that’s not all.

While it was announced to the leaders that it was necessary to find 20 M€ urgently in the coming weeks to compensate for the explosion in the wage bill, many blame the XXL costs which could have been canceled. The example given was the trip to London for the Champions League match against Tottenham. Two half-full planes were chartered, hotel reservations were said to be a problem, and Longoria was said to have rented an armored car. Finally, the presidential basket of the Orange Vélodrome would also welcome people who would have nothing to do there. Vibe…

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