IT security: the Asecna website hacked

The Agency for the Security of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar (Asecna) is the victim of a hack and must pay a ransom under penalty of seeing its data exposed in the darknet.

Ten days. This is the deadline set for Asecna, whose headquarters are in Dakar, Senegal, to regain possession of its encrypted data. For 48 hours, the digital platform of this Agency, which brings together 18 member countries, has been the victim of a ramsomware attack from the group of hackers known as Lockbit, according to Apanews.

“Ransomware is malicious software that takes personal data hostage. The attack consists of encrypting personal data and then asking their owner to send money in exchange for the key that will allow them to be decrypted,” ethical hacker Saliou Thiam told APA.

Asecna must pay the sum of 25,000 dollars to prevent the publication of its data in the “darknet”, an overlay network that uses specific protocols integrating anonymity functions.

For the moment, Asecna refuses to comment. According to our information, the case is taken very seriously by the Senegalese authorities who have been alerted.

Active since 2019, Lockbit has been responsible for 1,200 attacks since its creation, according to Saliou Thiam. “They are currently number one in terms of ransomware attacks. They developed a new strategy, demanding money directly from the victims and not revealing the attack publicly,” he adds.


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