Intimidation or attack? – Dog Forum – Page 5

You did well to tell me to check in detail!
After her nap, I massaged her neck and felt something hard, she nodded to withdraw so I took a closer look with the help of my spouse, but calmly.
She has a small scab, new and still bad in this place so for us, she took a bad neck when the husky jumped on her to grab her on the back of the neck.

There, I don’t think it’s gambling or simple intimidation. I understand even more why Orpheus defended himself directly.
If it was the rider who had taken… The first time the parents had met her, the husky had also charged at their rider and they had managed to prevent her from touching her while the master recovered his dog. I managed to ask more clearly and no, the husky couldn’t get a hold of the rider.

I ask myself a lot of questions! If the husky had had the prize on Orpheus, what would have done to make her drop?!
It ended well fortunately but there sorry, for me it was an attack. And if the injury is minimal, it’s only because Orpheus was able to react quickly with his instinct and his experience and we also reacted as a group… The master arrived later.


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