Intimidation or attack? – Dog Forum – Page 4

A dog in front of a hedge VS a dog inside in quotes^^
It’s not the same 🙂
Dogs can say nothing indoors while seeing people pass by outside, but if they are not accustomed to the outdoor space (garden, balcony, etc.) they can more easily make themselves heard, if they find there.

Now if for a week she let dogs horses people pass, posted behind the hedge, without saying anything and that since the husky episode, she growls, it seems obvious to me that it marked her or that she sent your stress or worry (if there is stress and worry) so she is more vigilant and on her guard.

As for the effective “no”, if it were so effective, her master would use her rather than let her go like an arrow and be forced to go find her even in the paws of other masters and dogs. , if they had let it be
Also, a single no would have been enough without her jumping (or trying to do so) on the second dog, twice, two days apart.

It seems obvious to me that what was decisive were several factors and not just saying “no” to him. And again, “determining”, not even, since she starts again, she does not let go of the matter. Even for play, she should.

Nothing says she would go so far as to bite or kill, nothing says the opposite either. What is certain in my eyes: the approach is much too brutal (and systematically, for all the times she had to present herself to them). It’s up to the master to be present and do the job, it seems to me.


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