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The hospital is sorely understaffed and the situation could get worse. Disenchanted with grueling professional training, more and more nursing students interrupted their studies.

“In the morning, I went to my stadium backwards, with a lump in my stomach. And in the evening, I called my mother in tears. It was the same thing every day. When I wore the gown, I was afraid of doing wrong and afraid of not being up to the demands of my nurse trainers. Three years later, Noa’s voice still trembles when she recounts this period of her student life. At the age of 20 and in her second year at a nursing training institute (Ifsi) in the north of France, Noa had just started a compulsory internship in promotion.

“It was hell, assures the young woman. From the first day of training, I saw that the three other nurses in my department were disappointed because I did not know all the technical gestures. Very quickly, she sent her colleagues “take a dislike”, sigh when she asks a question, shout at her “you despair me”, put her aside or talk about her behind her back. During her seven weeks of internship, Noa no longer eats, or eats very little. She says that she regularly had memory lapses, that she felt “destroyed”. While it is her dream, she begins to tell herself that she will not be able to become a nurse. A few months later, after trying days during a new stage, she gives up, abandoning the training to enroll in criminology studies in Canada.

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