Intense showers fell on the capital: several flooded roads (video)

After the bad weather that hit the north of France and Picardy Wallonia overnight from Sunday to Monday, intense showers fell on the capital on Monday evening. In the evening, claps of thunder held in the sky and then the rain did not stop falling.

The Brussels firefighters were called for 55 interventions in the evening and night from Monday to Tuesday due to bad weather, their spokesperson Walter Derieuw said on Tuesday morning. “There were 5 interventions in private homes and 50 roads were flooded due to clogged drains”, he indicates. Most of the interventions consisted in unclogging sorting sewers to facilitate the evacuation of rainwater.

The Louise and Georges Henry tunnels were notably under water. In Evere, the avenue of the communities was also flooded and, on the E40 motorway, the conditions were extremely bad for driving.

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