Insomnia: a new solution soon in France

Insomnia: a new solution soon in France
This is the first time that a drug has been authorized in Europe against insomnia apart from sleeping pills. ©Adobe stock

The European Medicines Agency has just authorized a new drug against insomnia. It is the Quviviq. How is this medicine a revolution? How effective is it? We make a full point.

Get back to natural sleep

This is the first time that a treatment for insomnia has been authorized in Europe, apart from sleeping pills. 13.1% of 18-75 year olds suffer from insomnia in France according to Public Health France. This new drug is called Quviviq. “This is an important step forward for anyone who is afraid to go to bed because they fear sleeping poorly.»he adds. Figaro Jean-Paul Clozel. He is CEO of the company Idorsia, the originator of the treatment.

Treatment of insomnia for more than 3 months

The Quviviq has just received the green light from the european agency drug to be marketed. It is prescribed for “adults suffering from insomnia (difficulty sleeping) which has lasted at least three months and which has a considerable impact on their functioning during the day”, specifies the Medicines Agency.

What efficiency?

A study conducted on 930 patients, published in February 2022 in the journal The Lancet Neurology. The average time spent awake at night was reduced by 29 minutes for patients who received 50 mg of Quviviq. In addition, after three months, patients fell asleep an average of 35 minutes faster than before according to the study.

It prevents nocturnal awakenings

This new treatment blocks “the action of orexin, a substance produced by the brain which promotes wakefulness”, explains the European Medicines Agency. “It means that Quviviq helps people fall asleep fasterto stay asleep longer.

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