INFO 100% – The breeding of shame near Toulouse: 53 dogs were piled up with the owner

About fifty dogs were piled up in unworthy conditions. A coordinated operation by the gendarmerie and the various state services was carried out on Wednesday in Beaumont-sur-Lèze south of Toulouse as part of an investigation opened at the end of 2021 by the environmental division of the Toulouse public prosecutor’s office. In this small town of Volvestre, an individual with several dogs “under unsatisfactory conditions” had been summoned by the veterinary services to comply.

Instead of being regularized, the situation would have worsened. So much so that, according to our information, 53 dogs have been raised in recent months in deplorable conditions. “They were piled up and almost abandoned” we explain a source familiar with the matter. Has the owner been overwhelmed by the number of litters of puppies? In any case On Wednesday, a vast operation was carried out jointly by the gendarmes of the Muret company, assisted by the services of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations, the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DDPP 31) and the SPA to carry out checks. The owner who did not trade in animals was placed in police custody for “animal abandonment” and “sustained absence of animal care” then referred on Wednesday, confirmed the public prosecutor Samuel Vuelta-Simon.

The defendant was given a 10-month suspended prison sentence and a ban on keeping animals. The doggies have been placed in shelters belonging to the SPA, they are confiscated and are now available for adoption. This type of operation could well spread, while justice strengthens its arsenal to fight against animal abuse. The Attorney General, Franck Rastoul, told us that in September he created a unit specializing in animal abuse. Subject which will very soon be the subject of a report on 100%.

Photo illustration via @spadeVallerargues

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