incredible bomb in Marseille, a McCourt show announced!

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This is information unearthed by our colleagues from But! after a few leaks on social networks, and which is likely to cause a stir. A few days ago, on September 23 precisely, a publication in the statutes of OM indeed reveals the outright resignation of Frank McCourt from his position on the supervisory board of OM, and therefore of his status as chairman of this same supervisory board!

McCourt places a loved one in his place

A decision that questions and has obviously already awakened some fantasies in all those who have been hoping for the sale of OM for many months now. For the moment, there is no indication of such information, but McCourt’s stepping back from the inner workings of the club is perhaps a milestone. Note that the owner of OM was replaced on the supervisory board by a relative, Jeffrey James Ingram, while Barry Frederick Cohen gave him the post of chairman of this supervisory board.

to summarize

This is incredible information that is likely to shake the OM sphere in the coming hours. Frank McCourt seems to have resigned from the supervisory board and from his position as president! The news has been formalized in secret in recent days.

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