Increase in the number of new positive cases detected in the Guadeloupe Archipelago

With 2,096 against 1,941 for the previous week, Guadeloupe is experiencing a resurgence of contamination. A result obtained from the 12,391 people who were tested between June 13 and 19.

First indications disadvantaged by the new report on COVID 19 contamination: the viral circulation is still very active and the presence in Guadeloupe of the BA.4 and BA.5 sub-lineages of OMICRON is more and more evident.

Other data recorded over the past week is as follows:


3 clusters have been declared: 1 in the workplace, 1 in ESMS (people with disabilities) and 1 in schools and universities. This brings to 5 the number of clusters monitored today in Guadeloupe (4 under investigation and 1 under control).


During the week under review, hospital indicators fell slightly.
The number of emergency visits for suspicion of Covid 19 was down slightly compared to the previous week: 47 instead of 56.
According to SIVIC, the number of new admissions for COVID, in hospitalization all services combined followed the same trend with 26 admissions between June 13 and 19 against 32 the previous week.
However, the number of intensive care patients was stable with, like the previous week, 7 thoughtful entries
The capacities of intensive care units are maintained at 43 active intensive care beds (38 at CHUG, 5 at CHBT).
On the evening of June 21:
– 23 COVID patients are hospitalized in conventional medicine
– 42 patients are hospitalized in intensive care: 3 are in COVID sheaves at the CHU and 39 are
hospitalized in non-COVID sheaves (i.e. 5 at the CHBT and 34 at the CHU).
– 63 are on oxygen at home (increase)

Death :

During the week in question, 2 men died in intensive care at the CHUG: they were 62 and 54 years old.

To see all the indications of the COVID balance sheet for the week of June 13 to 19:

COVID 19 report from June 13 to 19, 2022

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