In Tokyo, locals face a giant Akita Inu

In Tokyo, locals face a giant Akita Inu

The inhabitants of Tokyo have had the right to a nice surprise since July 29th.

Since July 29, passers-by in the Shibuya business district in Tokyo face a giant Akita Inu.

An Akita Inu jumping from screen to screen

The dog plays frisbee, jumps from one screen to another to retrieve it. In total, the dog covers an area of ​​three basket courts to the delight of onlookers.

It was the Japanese company “Hit” which decided to market the advertising space. This Akita Inu is reminiscent of a certain Hachiko.

A tribute to the famous Hachiko

A canine who has his own statue at Shibuya station, an inspiration for books, comics, manga and even movies and even his pair of Adidas Originals.

Nicknamed “faithful dog”, Hachiko became famous in his country for having shown an unfailing attachment to his owner.

The 3D dog therefore appears at the start of the hour to remind the punctuality of the famous Hachiko.

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