In the world of health, a cancellation, disappearances and legions – Liberation

Chronicle “To the small care”

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Members of the former Scientific Council received at the Elysée, symposium of infectious disease specialists organized by the Servier Institute, commemorative doctor… Review of health news.

This week, the world of health has seen a variety of characters, big and small, adventurous or skilled, in different sectors and of different natures. Here is an example.

More conferences for Servier

It was to be a national symposium, with all the biggest names in infectiology participating and an enticing title: “Covid 19: year III”. The event was to take place at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Cité University, the organizer. And now this weekend, Professor Gérard Friedlander, dean of the Paris-Descartes faculty since 2014, sends all participants a sibylline email: “For reasons beyond our control, the symposium of November 24 is postponed to a later date. Please believe that we are sorry for this setback. I will come back to you on this subject.”

Our dean is a bit secretive. Because this symposium was canceled because it was sponsored by the Servier Institute, a manufacturer well known for having been condemned by the courts in the Mediator affair. “When I saw the announcement of this symposium, I was bewildered, tells us the pulmonologist Irène Frachon, at the origin of the revelation of this scandal. Servier was sentenced, and he continues to act as if nothing had happened with doctors who agreed to participate in prestigious conferences. It is hopeless.” Irène Frachon got angry. She joined the p

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