In the Morvan, a falconer is looking for his eagle, not found since Thursday

Julien Juban, falconer in La Comelle (Saône-et-Loire), calls on the inhabitants of Morvan to open their eyes: since July 28, he has been looking for his female eagle, a raptor two meters wide, who got lost during a show.

► UPDATE AUGUST 2: Shiny was seen Monday evening in the small village of Grande-Verrière, in Saône-et-Loire. Her falconer went there and is still looking for her this Tuesday, August 2 in the morning.

Inhabitants of Autunois-Morvan, keep an eye out. Since Thursday, July 28, a female Chilean blue eagle has been lost somewhere around Mount Beuvray. Seven-year-old Shiny disappeared during a falconry show.

During the show, she left for her usual flight and began to gain altitude“, says Julien Juban, owner of the bird for a year.She moved towards the forest. She then went through an air hole, which made her descend into the forest. Since then, nothing.

The large raptor with a wingspan of two meters was equipped with a GPS beacon, but it stopped transmitting after 30 minutes. “She had to break it, it’s already happened“, assures the falconer. From Thursday evening, he starts looking for Shiny.”I searched until 10 p.m., and since then, every day, I search for her from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m..”

For now, Julien Juban remains confident. This isn’t the first time one of his raptors has strayed, and “in 95% of the time, we find them“. Shiny is able to feed herself, by hunting rabbits or hares. In addition, “at its former owner, it has already disappeared for four or five days before returning on its own“.

In the meantime, Julien Juban has received”many calls“, sometimes whimsical.”Someone would have seen it in the Jura, another near Chalon, or even near Paray-le-Monial…“He thinks his eagle is still in the Autunois-Morvan sector.

If you think you see Shiny: it measures two meters wide with very wide wings, a fairly short queue compared to the variable buses, raptor that we are used to seeing in our region. She is”very light, almost white on the whole breast“. On the back, it is a gray-bluish color – hence the name “blue” eagle. As for its behavior, according to Julien Juban, “it may be that it approaches dwellings, that we see it for example on a house roof”.

Important element: Shiny is equipped with two leather straps, one on each leg, with bells at their end. This can help differentiate it from a wild raptor.

Thursday, the falconer surveys the surroundings from his telescope and his binoculars to try to see his raptor. This Monday evening, around 6 p.m., he received an encouraged phone call: “Someone saw it yesterday and is formal. He was with a nature guide during a walk in the area. They first heard the bells, and saw him in a tall tree.

This evening, Julien Juban will therefore go to this sector in the hope of finding Shiny. In the meantime, if you think you too have seen the bird, you can contact Julien Juban on 06 41 91 51 89.

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