In the hamlets of the Montagne Noire, the wolf is there

the essential
The wolf problem occupied a good part of the meeting in the hamlet of Roquerlan, which also concerned the surrounding hamlets.

It is true that for mountain hamlets such as Labrespy, Les Rousses, Escaunelles or Roquerlan, the return of the wolf to the Montagne Noire is a major concern.

If the ancestral fear of the predator is still very present, it is above all the breeders who worry about their herds. They have therefore logically been part of their very great concern but also of their anger against the public authorities “suspected of listening more to the defenders of the reintroduction of the animal than to the breeders who are trying to save their farms”…

Defensive shots are no longer allowed

The inhabitants mentioned the increasing presence of the wolf in this mountain sector and the damage caused to the herds. But what has enraged herders and locals alike is the problem of defensive shots being reportedly no longer allowed.

A resident who had had animals killed by the wolf saw his request for authorization to carry out defensive shooting in the event of a new attack by the predator refused by the prefecture services. The answer indicated that to benefit from this authorization he had to have a fenced park and a patou dog. An obligation which had been, it seems, revealed by the prefect. The farmers were unanimous in saying that it was not possible to find trained patous. This animal is not requested available immediately and it has a cost! But above all it would not be effective and a resident cited the case of a patou recently killed by a wolf in the Aude.

The mayor undertook to speak to the prefect about it: “My feeling as an elected official is that we defend the wolf more than the breeder. Agree to be careful that the species does not disappear but that this contributes to closing farms it is still catastrophic. »

The stories of the wolf that were told to children, it is now adults who tell them among themselves! And if the fear is still present, it is the anger that rises…

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