In Saint-Pol-de-Léon, the canine educator wants to adapt to dogs and owners – Saint-Pol-de-Léon

Laura Lallier started her activity as a canine educator, Le bon c’hien, in August. It works at customers’ homes or near them within a radius of 25 km around Saint-Pol.

Last spring, she followed a three-month training course in Saint-Herblain (44), with several trainers, each with their own approach to education and different dogs. At the same time, she obtained a state license, which allows her to practice.

A professional retraining

The idea of ​​this professional retraining germinated at the Consultant in maritime law and marine environment in Belgium where she practiced for seven years. “I have always loved animals. With Niuk [NDRL son chien], I discovered the joys of canine education. It has become a passion”. The health crisis has arrived and the call of the country has become urgent. Laura’s objective is to advise the masters to solve a “problem” or rather to meet expectations: respond to the recall in nature, accept it, respect the rules of the house, behave well with its congeners, be clean… at any age and for any type of dog. Education through play is not forgotten with intelligence games and Frisbee, tested and approved by Niuk. Laura also plans to set up educational walks with five six pairs of dog handlers, “for fun, sociability and letting your dog run free”. She also intends to continue training on specific issues, such as aggressive dogs. Laura intervenes by the session or by the package.


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