In Orne, an irresponsible kills a deer before the opening during a wild boar hunt

Saturday September 17, in Mauves-sur-Huisne, while the general opening of the hunt is only scheduled for Sunday September 25 in the Orne department, a wild boar hunt was organized with prefectural authorization to protect crops. Suid damage. During this search, an individual, holder of a hunting license and who was stationed at the edge of a field, caught a glimpse, through a hedge, of an old deer which was on a private plot where it had no right to hunt.

Despite the fact that only wild boars were hunted that day and that he therefore did not have a collar of deer whose hunting was not yet open, the individual in question fired on the deer which died on the spot. . The owner of the plot on which the animal was killed filed a complaint by going to the gendarmerie of Mortagne-au-Perche and an investigation in the act was opened. At the departmental federation of Orne hunters (FDC 61) it is consternation that dominates.

Indeed, its president, Mr. Christophe de Ballore is described as ” landed by this gesture according to some of his collaborators at the federation. The latter wishes to file a civil action against this irresponsible shooter at the end of the investigation if it confirms the latter’s guilt. Indeed, this individual, who does not deserve the title of hunter, flouted all the rules by shooting this animal outside the hunting season and, moreover, in other people’s homes. It is such behavior that tarnishes the image of nemrods. Let’s hope that the prefect takes up the case to withdraw the license to hunt this irresponsible before the general opening.

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