in one week, she raised 510 euros

Brenna has always lived with cats and her mother volunteers at a cat shelter. Enough to feed an unconditional love to these furballs and keep helping them. The young girl has developed a heartwarming business allowing tomcats to find a home for life more easily.

Brenna Edwards lives with his parents in Monroe in the state of Louisiana to United States. At home, they have 3 cats: Bubbles, Callie and Nelson who are the girl’s best friends. Furthermore, his mother Lauren Edwardsis a member of the shelter Carolina Sanctuary and Rescue for which she has been a foster family many times.

Brenna has therefore bathed since her earliest childhood among felines and is well aware of the complicated living conditions of certain specimens despite her youthful age.

Recently, her cousin introduced her to the manufacture of costume jewellery. Brenna one immediately devoted a devouring passion for this activity. She has since created models by hand with clay beads and silver charms (often representing cats).

A real entrepreneur at 8 years old

In this state, minors can start a business. Brenna therefore offer for sale on its Facebook page its bracelets at less than 3 euros each.

Then she donates a third of her profits to the shelter Carolina Sanctuary and Rescue.

To his surprise, the concept took off. She began to multiply orders from the Louisiana then neighboring states.

“She was jumping for joy when she received all these orders, especially the one from New Hampshire. We have posted information about her bracelets on our adoption and rescue pages which have been shared a lot. Everyone was amazed that she did it, so she got a lot of requests”a declared Lauren Edwards a Salisbury Post.

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Brenna thus collected 510 euros in one week. These funds reduce adoption costs and thus help cats find their new forever homes. The young lady went back to making other models with the aim of going to the Fairview Fall Festival a Monroe on October 6, 2022 and in this way, will continue his charitable work.


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