In Nice, the wild animals of the “three poles” immortalized by photographer Vincent Munier

A lover of the five great spaces, Vincent Munier presents some fifty shots at the Charles Nègre photography museum. Stunning images of wildlife taken in regions with extreme conditions.

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The exhibition is called The 3 poles. And yet, the Earth has only two poles. But Vincent Munier calls the high plateaus of Tibet the third pole. A particularly wild and rough place where the famous photographer managed to photograph the graceful snow leopard at 4000 meters above sea level.

Exhibition The 3 poles
France 3 Côte d’Azur: O. Chartier / B. Loth / A. Mathuriau

In 2016, Vincent Munier, who is one of the greatest wildlife photographers of his generation, set off on an expedition to the high plateaux of Tibet. His goal is to photograph the very rare snow leopard. What he will succeed in doing. During this trip, he will come across many other animals on his way, such as the Tibetan fox or even yaks. Extraordinary shots taken in extreme conditions that required a lot of patience from the photographer. “He is one of the masters of the art of the lookout”, explains Stéphane Tallon, director of the Museum of Photography Charles Nègre. A nature that he approaches “on tiptoe” so as not to disturb it in its natural environment.

The exhibition also takes the visitor to the heart of the Arctic and the Antarctic. Places where Vincent Munier followed the trail of mythical animals, such as the arctic wolf, the polar bear, the musk ox or the emperor penguin. Strange bestiaries captured in powerful and refined landscapes. Inspired by Japanese prints and minimalist art, Vincent Munier stages the animal at the heart of its environment and the elements (mist, rain, snow, blizzard…). “It is a unique photographic writing which is based on a deep respect for this sublime nature that he will approach to the four parts of the world”, analyzes Stéphane Tallon. From his trip to Tibet, the photographer made a documentary titled The snow panther. A film, co-directed with Marie Amiguet, which won the César for best documentary in 2022. It is screened twice a day for the duration of the exhibition.

Photo taken in Tibet (Vincent Munier)

Exhibition “Vincent Munier – The 3 poles”, Charles Nègre photography museum, 1 place Pierre Gautier in Nice; until January 15, 2023, open every day except Monday.

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