In New York, Ryan makes a (very) good living walking dogs

In New York, Ryan makes a (very) good living walking dogs

Ryan Stewart has decided to embark on the profession of “pet sitter” which does not require a diploma. His solid reputation allows him to earn a very good living.

Twenty years ago, Ryan Stewart decided to make ends meet by becoming a “dog walker”.

Dogs expect constant attention

A few years later, he decided to make it his job. As the CNBC site explains, the 40-something earns $60 an hour walking between three and five dogs at a time. According to the American media, Ryan earns up to 120,000 dollars per year (about 120,156 euros per year).

Even if his salary can make more than one dream, the man explains that he “works about 36 hours a week, spread over six days” and that it is not a fancy job.

He recalls in particular that “the dogs receive constant attention”. This is why it is important that “a good dog walker is focused and attentive to prevent the dog from blessing itself”.

Mistakes and accidents can have consequences for the animal’s health: “Small deviations in concentration could lead to the dog’s tail getting caught in a doorway, which could result in a $2,000 vet bill.”

Just over $35,000 per year on average

For people who would like to embark on the adventure, he recalls that his salary is the fruit of constant work: “I remember standing in the street distributing business cards”.

According to the ZipRecruiter site, dog walkers in New York City earn an average of $35,625 per year.

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