In May, the neighbors of the apartment where dogs were locked up in Limoges had already taken care of them

“If we had known, we would have continued to feed them…” Elisabeth regrets not having continued to take care of the dogs who were found wasting away on the other side of the corridor, “the door opposite” from her home.

This resident of Boulevard Bel-Air knows these animals well, a dog and her three puppies, which the police and the SPA extracted on Monday July 25 from the Limoges apartment where they were left almost abandoned, living in their excrement. , without water and with little food.

These animals, Elisabeth and another neighbour, Angèle, took care of them last May. “It was May 7, says Angèle. The neighbor left the keys to the apartment with Elisabeth, saying that he had to be away for two days for a family problem. The neighbor opposite enters the apartment and discovers a dog and her eleven puppies, locked in a room, in their excrement. “The puppies were small but healthy, the mother was already thin” recalls Elisabeth.

An FFP2 mask for cleaning

She feeds them, cleans the apartment and takes the animals out. “I put the puppies in a crate on wheels and took them to the park next door”. She meets Angèle, who takes over from Elisabeth, who works during the day.

“She gave me the keys, I went there for several days”. She also gets down to scouring the apartment “with an FFP2 mask”, feeding and taking the animals out. The two women passed the baton, “one who watches the dogs outside, the other who scrubs” says Elisabeth. “But I had to be able to stop, I was in an exam period, pursue Angèle”.

The puppies, last May, during a walk carried out by a neighbor (photo ET)

The owner of the dogs does not give any sign of life on May 9, as he had promised. Elisabeth: “we continued to take care of it at our expense and to clean the premises”.

They issue an ultimatum

Two days later, the two women contact the landlord of the apartment, who is flabbergasted, then manage to reach the tenant’s girlfriend by text message “by issuing an ultimatum: if he does not come back, we call the SPA, remembers Elizabeth. Five minutes later, he was there. The man then takes the keys.

On May 13, deploring that no one comes to the apartment and that the smells invade the stairwell, the two women report the facts to the SPA, without visible result.

Then Angèle notes that “he and his girlfriend come from time to time, five minutes, without taking the dogs out”. Elisabeth eventually learned that eight of the eleven puppies were sold. “I thought to myself that the dogs were saved. And then, we can’t watch all the time…”

Today, she regrets not having done more for these animals. “But what more could we have done?” Today, the four animals have taken over the hair of the beast at the SPA, to the great relief of the two women. The mistreating owner, after being taken into police custody, will be tried in December.

At the Couzeix SPA, we cannot, for the moment, confirm whether a report of abuse had indeed been recorded in May. “We are going to look at this, explains Danièle Roig, secretary at the association’s office. Anyway, reports are taken into account, an investigation is carried out but it is not always easy to carry out. People have to be willing to let us in and if we are not assisted by the police, we cannot enter. The opinion of the prosecutor may also be necessary for the SPA to act.
The procedures are complex and the SPA has been particularly overwhelmed in recent weeks. “For example, we house a lot of category 1 dogs,” continues Danièle Roig. The detention of these attack dogs, including the three seized puppies, is highly regulated. They are prohibited for sale, import or introduction into France. But there is a parallel market for their reproduction, “female dogs who make puppies in cellars, for clandestine breeding. People buy them but realize, when the dogs grow up, that they are not in good standing with the law”.

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