In La Crau, a hunting dog saves an elderly woman in distress

Tuesday evening, the Tourraches district in La Crau could have been the scene of a dramatic event which was stopped thanks to the instinct and tenacity of Bakkies, a hunting dog with a formidable flair. After her day’s work, Élodie T. goes out for a walk with her faithful companion in this countryside district where few souls generally try the adventure.

The walk is like every evening in this natural setting when Bakkies suddenly start barking without interruption as if to signal danger. Faced with the dog’s insistence, Élodie walks towards it and sees a silhouette that she first takes for an animal at the bottom of a ditch before realizing that it was actually a lady. elderly in shock and unable to say a word.

Immobilized in a ditch

The 93-year-old downtown resident had started down the small country lane a few hours earlier before falling which immobilized her with no hope of getting up. Found around 8 p.m., the old lady had been waiting there for 2 p.m. and could have spent the night there without anyone being able to find her.

Relieved by the arrival of the firefighters, the nonagenarian was immediately transported to the hospital from which she emerged the next day. What strengthened Élodie’s admiration for Bakkies a little more without the insistence because she wouldn’t have gone to check at the bottom of the stream. After being abandoned, Bakkies was taken in by Élodie who testifies to the strong moments of complicity that she shares with him every day.


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