In Japan, these costumes sent back from a portable ventilator allow dogs to withstand the heat wave

The heat wave in Japan is pushing some pet owners to be inventive. The company Sweet Mommy has imagined a mini-costume for dogs, equipped with a portable fan, reports Reuters on Monday. The idea? Find a solution to relieve pets, which are particularly resistant to heat during their walks in the city.

Poodles, chihuahuas, bichons… All have the right to their own little fan, allowing them to better withstand extreme temperatures. Something to seduce customers, who are ready to pay the sum of 9,900 yen (73.90 euros) to dress their little companion in a refreshing costume. “I usually use ice packs. But I think it’s easier to walk my dog ​​with this fan,” says the owner of a terrier and a miniature poodle. Cats can also benefit from this funny clothing innovation, available in five sizes.

A hot summer in Japan

Japan is having a particularly tough summer season, with temperatures of at least 35°C recorded for nine consecutive days. “There has been virtually no rainy season this year, so the hot days have come early,” explains Rei Uzawa, manager of the Sweet Mommy business. In this sense, I think we have developed a product that is suitable for the market”.

The baby clothes designer came up with this idea when she saw her very own Chihuahua exhausted from walking a short distance in the hot sun. Rei Uzawa has already received 100 fan costume orders since last month.

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