In Franche-Comté, environmental activists sabotage an OFB wolf regulation mission

On the evening of Wednesday October 19, in the town of Chaux Neuve, in the Haut Doubs, agents from the French office for biodiversity (OFB) had the task of taking a wolf, by shooting, in order to show the predation pressure produced by the animal on the herds of breeders in the department who are at the end of the line in the face of the multiple attacks (21 since this summer and 18 dead animals) that their farms are suffering.

To this end, a cow carcass had been placed in evidence at the level of a pasture in order to try to attract a wolf and to allow the team of the Mobile Intervention Brigade Wolf of Gap (Hautes-Alpes) , in charge of this regulatory mission, to remove an animal. But it was without counting on the animalist extremists who want to defend at all costs the presence and the expansion of the wolf on the national territory.

Indeed, as night fell, a band of six activists went to the scene, accompanied by two journalists from our colleague France 3 Franche-Comté, and did not hesitate to pour water of cologne in large quantities on the carcass which served as bait in order to repel the arrival of a predator by smell.

But their operation had not been carried out with the utmost discretion and soon a group of herders from the surrounding area intervened to intimidate them. After blocking their vehicles by dumping several tractor buckets containing manure on the path they had taken, the farmers came to meet them to “congratulate” them.

A stormy altercation then ensued between the exasperated breeders and the band of ecologists. Incidentally, the two journalists were somewhat roughed up because the breeders obviously did not want to be filmed. Luckily no one was hurt. the management of France 3 has decided to file a complaint and a gendarmerie investigation is therefore underway.

In the end, no wolf could be shot that evening and the environmental activists therefore succeeded in their sabotage in defiance of the law and the suffering of the breeders who no longer know how to protect their animals from the predations of the wolf which seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

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