In finance, he tries to scam his parents with a fake invoice

This is how to permanently fall out with your parents. As the story goes The Free Belgium based on information from the Het Laatste Nieuws, a 26-year-old tried to scam his parents when he was financially difficult. Judged for these facts, the young man explained that he had particularly suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic since his income came largely from a job in the restaurant industry. Or, with the various confinements, restaurants and bars were closed.

At the time, his parents had decided to help him, but only by reimbursing the registration fees for his studies. Annoyed, even annoyed, the young man therefore had the idea of ​​establishing a false invoice issued by the university and sending it to his parents. According to our Belgian colleagues, he had changed the bank account number of the university, on which the money was to be paid, to register his own. They had to pay the 900 euros of university fees, the fees being the sum claimed for access to higher education in the country.

Towards a lenient sentence

Bad luck for him, his parents realized the scheme and knew that their son was no longer studying. They therefore took legal action against him, before he was tried for “computer fraud”. Acknowledging the facts, he explained that he had since found work and “financial stability”. He will be tried on July 6, but, given his good faith, he should only receive community service. Nothing is said, however, about how his relationship with his parents evolved. Lately, as said Capital, a woman stole 7,000 euros from her husband’s son after recovering his bank details. She was not at her first attempt. Very often, scammers play on the family fiber to rip off institutions such as CAF or pension funds. It sometimes takes twenty-five years to go back to them.

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