In Douarnenez, attempts to keep the whale out to sea fail – Bretagne

Since the middle of the afternoon, this Wednesday, in Douarnenez (29), the semi-rigid of the maritime gendarmerie Penfeld proceeded, with the Marine natural park of Iroise and the volunteers of Sea Shepherd, to a new attempt to accompaniment offshore of the young cetacean evolving, just in front of the Ris beach. A decision taken by the maritime prefect of the Atlantic, after consultation with experts.
But after 5 p.m. the decision was made to let it go. “This attempt was not successful, and the means of the State withdrew in order to avoid the disturbance of the animal which always evolves at the bottom of the bay of Douarnenez”, indicated the Marine Park, calling on boaters to do not approach the animal.

A confused animal

A first removal operation, which turns in front of the Ris de Douarnenez beach after its grounding of Ploéven the day before, had already been attempted, Tuesday evening, by the agents of the French Office for Biodiversity assigned to the Marine Natural Park of ‘Iroise, with the departmental service firefighters. They were beginning to guide it out to sea, a good distance from the beaches, with the aim of seeing it leave the bay when night fell. Agents and firefighters lost sight of him at the Pointe de la Jument. And the whale turned around to return to the level of the Ris beach and its shallow depths.

All this Wednesday, watched by the Park and Sea Shepherd, he circled in front of the beach, “disoriented, and in a state of health difficult to assess”, estimates the Park morning. For the authorities, the challenge was to know whether to let it rest or to hold back, at the risk of adding stress to the cetacean. The operations were followed by a large public that had gathered on the coast throughout the day. Each one going there from his hypothesis on a situation which moves more and more.

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