In Campagne-lès-Wardrecques, Halt’O Poil, for cats and dogs

It is this Tuesday, August 2, the day of her 45th birthday, that Corine Blanquart, a native and resident of the village, opens the doors of her bathroom.

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Instead of the hair salon Gossip Hair which moved to Heuringhem, the canine and feline grooming salon Halt’ O Poil has therefore taken up residence at 24, rue Pierre-Gilson in Campagne-lès-Wardrecques, pending construction. new commercial units made in 2023.

Truck driver, then bus driver

This is a professional retraining for Corine Blanquart, municipal councilor of the village for a year. She had already spent twenty-five years of her life on the road, first as a truck driver and then as a bus driver.

The idea of ​​changing professions in order to exercise a profession of passion had been rooted for several years, but several life events pushed this country woman, mother of a 17-year-old son, to embark on a new diploma course under the impetus from a mentor in the person of Nathalie Duclay, westie breeder and groomer in Ardres. The creation of the micro-enterprise will be effective from January 2022 and will begin with a six-month replacement in a grooming salon in Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem.

Hair removal technique

It is now in her native village, in Campagne-lès-Wardrecques, that Corine Blanquart welcomes her clients. It offers the usual grooming (bath, nail care, mowing, hygiene) but also a special canine-feline hair removal technique as well as the sale of kibble and accessories.

Halt’O Poil, 24, rue Pierre-Gilson 62120 Campagne-lès-Wardrecques.

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