In Argentina, alternating custody validated by justice for two dogs

Emmanuel and Amorina separate after years of living together. The ex-couple obtained joint custody … but not for their children! They distributed custody of their two dogs in court, a first in Argentina.

Asked by the Argentine television channel Todo Noticias, Emmanuel and Amorina say they have kept a good relationship, which has allowed them to agree on dog custody.

It served them a lot at heart, explains Emmanuel to Todo Noticias: “We had a relationship of several years and we had no children. For us, our dogs are our children, this is the most important choice we have! Our lawyer told us that we could include them in the proceedings”.

The two dogs are called Popeye and Kiara. The couple split up the two dogs : the dog Kiara stays with Emmanuel and the dog Popeye with Amorina.

Only problem: Emmanuel has a tendency to feed Kiara empanadas, which is not very good for his health. Fortunately, in the agreement, a clause provides for alternate custody of the dogs. Amorina will therefore be able to feed Kiara healthy from time to time!

A “multi-species” family

Their lawyer, Brian Knobel, supported them in this choice. He recalls that in the Argentine civil code, there is no no law on joint custody of pets.

This judgment creates, according to him, a new concept of family : “Today, we see the arrival of what is called the multi-species family. Mores are changing in our society. Nowadays, pets create a relationship with human persons, create a bond”.

This rather amusing story at first sight of shared dog custody therefore raises a deeper question: what makes family? For some, the multi-species family, where pets are part of the household, is a new family system.

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