Impressive video shows three killer whales attacking then devouring a great white shark in South Africa

In South Africa, a drone has filmed for the first time a group of killer whales devouring a great white shark. Impressive images that remind us that nature knows only one law: the law of the strongest.

At the beginning of July, we told you in this article that two killer whales had taken to killing great white sharks off the coast of South Africa.

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Photo credit: Marine Dynamics / Dyer Island Conservation Trust / Hennie Otto

On July 27, a video released during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week shows a group of killer whales hunting and devouring the marine predator. These impressive images were purchased by a drone in Mossel Bay (southwest of the country).

This is the first time this has been documented with direct evidence in South Africa “, named marine biologist Alison Towner to the American site The Daily Beast.

“One of the most beautiful pieces of natural history”

You may not know it, but killer whales are at the top of the marine food chain, as the video demonstrates. Indeed, the three killer whales appear in the sequence surround the 2.5-meter shark in order to devour its liver. Once the feast is over, the queens of the ocean move away from their prey, leaving behind a pool of blood.

Photo credit: Discovery Channel

And the least we can say is that these images enchanted the specialized researcher, who considers the extract as ” one of the finest pieces of natural history ever filmed » .

A study published on June 30, 2022 in the African Journal of Marine Science explains that great white sharks have been deserting certain regions since the arrival of killer whales. According to Alison Towner, sharks tend to flee when they sense the presence of a nearby marine predator.

Photo credit: Alison Towner / Instagram

Unlike some of its peers, the quality of the video did not have time to take shelter: ” We have all the evidence that killer whales are responsible for the death of white sharks. But this is the world’s first drone footage of killer whales hunting a great white shark. “said Alison Towner.

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