Images of the “miraculous” rescue of the whale stranded in Finistère

For once, the story ends well for the fin whale discovered stranded Monday morning on a beach in Ploéven. Significant means have been implemented to achieve this.

Relief and satisfaction for the teams who worked tirelessly for a good part of the night to rescue this fin whale stranded on a beach in Finistère. The animal had been present in Douanenez Bay for several weeks and was found stranded on Monday morning by a resident on the beach.

The last-ditch operation to help the whale go back to the sea. Still 4 hours before the peak of the tide where we will try everything with the help of the firefighters

— Sea Shepherd France (@SeaShepherdFran) September 19, 2022

The marine natural park, the stranding network, the firefighters and the town officials were present, as well as a team of about fifteen volunteers from the Sea Shepherd France association, which recounts the entire operation on its Twitter account. .

“Miraculous!!! The whale has left!! Some said it was dying, wasted no time, the tide was too low, we helped it and it understood! It put all its energy into getting back and with our help, there happened, it was beautiful!!” they rejoiced in the early morning.

The trench advances, in the hope that it will help him to start again…
A second tractor arrives.
Next high tide peak: 1 a.m.

— Sea Shepherd France (@SeaShepherdFran) September 19, 2022

Throughout the day, an important device was put in place to help the animal in the sand to regain the open sea, a complex maneuver given the weight of the cetacean around 10 tons and equivalent to a dozen meters.

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The animal was hydrated and protected from the sun with wet sheets to optimize its chances of survival. A trench was dug on the beach to create a small channel allowing it to leave once filled with water. A backhoe loader also intervened as reinforcement.

A backhoe arrived on the scene. The absolute urgency is to relieve the whale of its weight, its breathing is very rapid, it is out of breath.

— Sea Shepherd France (@SeaShepherdFran) September 19, 2022

The rescue operation continued throughout the night, juggling tidal coefficients to facilitate the return to water of the marine mammal.

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