I’m a dog owner – I got a TERRIFYING note from our neighbors after our dogs kept barking

A DOG owner has been terrified after receiving a threatening note from a neighbor complaining about his dogs barking.

Jessica Tuite said she was left “frightened” after finding the letter from scary animals threatening to kill the family’s pets, alongside pieces of chocolate, in her mailbox.

The family received a terrifying note threatening to kill Barney and DonnieCredit: September
The letter was left in the mailbox with a few pieces of chocolateCredit: September

The ominous note read: “If your dogs’ barking does not stop, the chocolate in this envelope will be thrown over your fence in greater quantities…killing them.”

“You’ve been kindly warned many times by people…but you’re not doing anything.”

Couple Anthony and Jessica who live in the Brisbane suburb of Graceville feature a black Great Dane named Barney and a brown mastiff named Donnie.

Jessica told 7NEWS she was full of “instant panic” after finding the letter.

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She said, “These dogs are our family…please, please don’t hurt my dogs.

She explained that the couple had lived in the family home for six years and the dogs were generally well behaved.

She added, “They only bark when someone enters their yard, but that’s their job.”

Other neighbors criticized those who wrote the note which they called “immoral”.

Neighbor and chairman of the corporation, Phill Keleman, said: “You just don’t make these threats.

“You just kind of say ‘Hey, look, how can we work together to make it better? “.”

The matter was reported to the police.

Another aggressive neighbor left a terrifying letter telling a resident to stop his dog from barking or “something serious will happen.”

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