I’m a dog expert – here’s why treating your pet instead of letting it die is cruel

As a pet-loving nation, some Britons will have to have their dogs and cats like their children – but it could be dangerous, senior vets have avoided.

Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human emotions and behaviors to animals, but this leads to serious problems.

Animal ‘fads’ and trends could risk harming your pet, experts revealCredit: Getty

Professor Eddie Clutton, who teaches veterinary anesthesiology at the University of Edinburgh, said pet owners are now introducing painful and unnecessary interventions when their pets fall ill.

The professor attributes this to owners treating their pets the same as a human family member.

As co-founder of EthicsFirst, Clutton said, “Animals are capable of some pretty extraordinary emotional experiences, but they won’t experience them the way humans do.

“They live life in real time.

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“I’ve had people say, ‘Are you just expecting to keep them alive until Christmas? Do you think your dog understands Christmas?

“It’s one thing for a grandfather to agree to value it because he knows its value, and quite another to subject a dog to it that doesn’t have the capacity to hope.”

Some requests include prosthetic legs and intensified cancer treatments for elderly pets, rather than euthanasia or less invasive treatments, according to the professor.

Dr Polly Taylor, another member of EthicsFirst and a member of the European Veterinary Specialization Board, said: “People don’t take into account that it happens, their dog is going to die before them.

“Instead, there is a tendency to treat them like children and do everything possible to prevent the animal from dying.”

The trend means your moggie or mut can now own pet cologne, shampoos, canapes, and breath fresheners for all the activities they may be doing at the park.

Dogs Trust revealed in a survey that more than half of first-time dog owners let their pet sleep in their bed and pet food brand Natures Menu found that 73% celebrated their pet’s first birthday .

Researchers from the University of Pisa and the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico said: “In extreme cases, human needs can be projected onto them. [pets].

“Some are treated like children or surrogate friends.”

But clothes, vegan diets, and even too much cuddling for puppies can lead to anxiety, overheating, obesity, malnutrition, and joint pain in the animal, research shows.

Dressing dogs in sweaters can make for a cute photo, but it could limit their ability to regulate their own temperature, leading to increased skin moisture levels and increased chafing and blistering.

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Academics have also pointed out that carrying pets for long periods of time can lead to obesity, joint inflammation and cause anxiety.

They also proposed that hugging your pet could be considered ignoring the pet’s preferences when they can’t tell you what they want.

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