“If Paris agents come to work with their pets, adjustments will be needed”

Information of great importance came out recently without it moving anyone, and it is deeply regrettable. The city of Paris, which is not called the City of Light for nothing, would consider allowing its agents to come to work in the office with their pet.

Quesaco, as they say? This is called a “wish”, presented by the town hall of the fifth arrondissement of the city which insists on the benefits of the presence of animals in public places. According to him, the animals would facilitate exchanges between colleagues, ease tensions during meetings, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and would therefore be a performance factor for civil servants likely to be sensitive at the moment to the presence of table football and rooms friendliness to boost their motivation and we understand them well.

Need adjustments

If this wish on this subject, the agents could thus come each morning accompanied by their pet, which consequently will damage the equipment of the office (paid by your taxes) and not the living room of the house during the day, which is a stroke of genius for the owners and a real gain in their purchasing power.

Currently, only a few large cities such as Nice and Grenoble have allowed their money to come to work with their dog or cat. If this does not surprise you, it is quite normal, as cats and dogs are already massively present in trains, streets, on bicycles and more and more in shops, becoming beings in their own right. to whom we give gifts at Christmas and who will no doubt in the future be questioned by polling institutes to find out their state of mind and their voting intentions four years from the presidential election already on everyone’s lips (and in all mouths).

Without any value judgment on this Parisian wish which makes this society more desirable every day, this will require a certain number of adjustments, which we will graciously indicate to put in the discussion bowl in order to have the most democratic and as calm as possible.

“It will therefore be in Paris the return of noise and smell, a phrase dear to a former mayor who later became President of the Republic. »

First, if this succeeds, it will be necessary to manage each other’s allergies and phobias, which each individual is free to have in a time of emotional instability. We could not tolerate that people phobic of pet ferrets and pet rats are not consulted before the implementation of such progress.

Then, the question of odors. With all the love we can have for animals, we can already imagine the impact of such an innovation in terms of smell (not to mention the sound of barking and meowing). It will therefore be in Paris the return of noise and smell, a phrase dear to a former mayor who later became President of the Republic.

In addition, many former agents will be needed to maintain the municipal kennel. A number of officials will no doubt be responsible for monitoring animals whose size will not fit the stairs of the town hall such as horses or kangaroos. This will be a godsend for some young civil servants trained in the great schools of the country in search of meaning and retraining for two years.

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Moreover, at a time when everyone must make an effort to fight against global warming and adopt sober behavior, animals must also be exemplary, knowing that their carbon footprint is far from negligible. If their masters and mistresses have become vegans, dogs, through their meat consumption (we saw it in the canteen of the town hall), are for example as polluting as your Dacia SUVs.

Finally, if agents come with their pets, should they also be considered as working agents? If so, they will have to be paid. Secondly, they will also have to ensure proper respect for secularism and religious neutrality which are incumbent on public officials. All this is therefore a major project, which we will obviously have to support in order to progress even further in society. pet friendly of tomorrow, which over the years has become a zoo accessible to all after having banned animals in circuses. It is a political project like any other.

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