“I have never harassed anyone”, Noël Le Graët denies the accusations of harassment

Asked about his response after watching footage of the living conditions of contractor workers at the Hotel des Bleus in Qatar (“It’s not insoluble, it’s paint strokes”) in an interview with the magazine Further investigatione on France 2, Noël Le Graët agreed on a “real clumsiness”.

“The FFF is and will be vigilant at its level concerning respect for social and human rights but within its scope, the limit of its powers and competences”assured the president of the Federation, before continuing: “But don’t count on me to be a demagogue… If you list the 211 countries affiliated to FIFA, there are very many among them where the notion of law is very far from ours or that of in force in Europe. I do not endorse it, I can deplore it, but I only draw up this observation. Thanks to the World Cup, Qatar is progressing a little faster. »


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