“I had to tell my parents that it was over”: at the trial of the Nice attack, Lucie recounts the descent into hell of her family

Her hair tied back uses a sweet face with big sad and frank eyes. Lucie presents herself to the special Assize Court of Paris as “the eldest of a family of four children”. “That day, for the first time, I did not go to July 14 because I had met my spouse a month before,” begins the young woman. Lucie, 25, is the big sister of Laura, 13 and a half. A lovely green-eyed blonde whose photo briefly appears on the screens of the courtroom. The teenager, whose twin Audrey survived, is one of the 86 victims murdered on the Promenade des Anglais in 2016 in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). After the attack on the white truck and their desperate search among the bodies “in an open cemetery” until the official announcement of her death on July 19, her relatives were convinced that Laura, who could not be found, was that “hidden”.

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