“I almost threw up”: Benjamin Castaldi tells a disgusting anecdote about his last walk with his dog (ZAPTV)

Viewers were certainly not expecting such an anecdote! In the 6 to 7 This Thursday, September 22, 2022, host Benjamin Castaldi returned to his morning walk with his dog Jack, which ended in a very funny way…

Celebrities, too, sometimes break traffic laws. Patrick Bruel was recently caught red-handed by another driver. In a video circulating on social networks, the interpreter of place of great men is stopped by a motorist while on the phone while driving. “Mr. Bruel, so there is the telephone, there is the flashing light which has not been put on. That’s two things. Agreed Mr. Bruel. I don’t mind being famous, being a celebrity, but that doesn’t excuse everything. Agree Mr. Bruel? release the individual. Images that have caused controversy, although Patrick Bruel recognizes his mistake.

The columnists of Do not touch My TV have also debated around this scene, Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Many of them wanted to defend the singer, while some members of Cyril Hanouna’s team attacked the Internet user who posted this video on the Web. “Bravo Patrick Bruel, because I think there are others who would have freaked out!”in particular reacted Guillaume Genton.

“I picked up the poop with my dishes”

In the 6 to 7 broadcast this Thursday, September 22, 2022, Benjamin Castaldi returned to this sequence with his columnists. On this occasion, the host revealed a surprising anecdote to say the least. “Me, something happened to me this morning, quite surprising. I was walking my little dog Jack, whom I kiss, who must be in front of the television. And I do not look in the direction of my dog ​​who made a small poop. ‘Sir! Your dog has defecated on the pavement. Please pick up!’ Usually, I always have a small bag with me, and here I didn’t have a bag”, told the father of Simon Castaldi, causing a laugh on the set.

And to continue: “So, I pretend to go home, and he says again ‘Sir! Your dog has defecated on the road!’ And what did I do? I scooped up the poop with my hands, and put it in the trash. I almost threw up. It was really because the gentleman was very insistent, otherwise I would have gone well from that! Something to whet your appetite before dinner!

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